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Frequently Asked Questions

Before the Concert

Q: Where in Battery Park will I need to check in? 

A: The ferry to Ellis Island will depart from Castle Clinton Monument at Battery Park. 

Q: What time will I need to be at Battery Park? 

A: Check in will begin at 7:00 pm inside the monument, and all audience members will need to arrive by 7:30 to board the ferry. Please note that all passengers will need to go through a security screening before boarding the ferry. 

Q: What is the best way to get to Battery Park?

A: By subway, the Castle Clinton National Monument is closest to the Bowling Green 4/5 stop, the South Ferry 1 stop, and the Whitehall Street R stop. Details on the closest parking garage can be found here. 

On Ellis Island

Q: What is the dress code for the evening? 

A: There is no designated dress code for the event. However, we advise that attendees be prepared for all types of weather, as there will be portions of the evening that will entail walking outside (i.e. boarding the ferry). 

Q: Are you performing all of Ragtime? 

A: No, we will be presenting a selection of songs that resonate with the historical significance of the site. This concert will highlight the themes of autonomy, intersectionality, and hope that are prevalent throughout the piece as a whole. 

Q: What if I have accessibility needs? Will you be able to accomodate me? 

A: Yes - please reach out to with any accessability needs, and we will make arrangements for you. Please note that the building is wheelchair accessible and there are multiple restrooms on each floor. 

After the Concert

Q: Will I be able to explore Ellis Island? 

A: Yes! After the performance, all guests will have the chance to explore the landmark and visit the exhibits in the building, including “Peopling of America: 1550s - 1890,” and “The Journey: New Eras of Immigration.”

Q: What time should I expect to be back at Battery Park? 

A: All guests should expect to be back at Battery Park by 11:00 pm. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact
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